The well-designed shaft surface has been ergonomically designed to perfection. You can actually feel just how wonderful it sits in the hand. The successful interplay of the push button with the slightly curved clip, which is mounted like a saddle on the convex casing, provides a noticeable accent. Carefully selected trend colours supplement the classic colour range. And another special feature: The position of the print surface on the back of the casing can be individually positioned upwards or downwards.

Refillable push ballpoint pen in 12 standard colours for the polished/matt casing and in 10 standard colours for the Soft Touch casing. Surface mix of clip and casing. Options include galvanised chrome or satin push button and chrome finish metal nose cone. Special casing colours available from 5,000 writing instruments.

Print surfaces on the clip and back of the casing. The position of the print surface on the casing can be positioned upwards or downwards. Mix & match of colours possible within one plastic surface. Standard with high-quality Floating Ball® 1.0 refill, optionally as well with Floating Ball® 1.4, Premium TechGlide® and three different gel refills.