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What We Are All About

About Us

Nine2Five began as a bags manufacturer with our factory located in Shenzhen since 2008. As our clients began requesting for other products, we began providing sourcing support alongside focusing on production of high quality premium bags. 

Nine2Five primarily focuses on delivering high quality premium gifts to all its clients. We at Nine2Five understand the importance of how premiums help enhance your organization’s brand image. Here at Nine2Five, quality is something we take seriously. We work with our various brands & partners to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best that we can deliver.

Nine2Five officially opens its Singapore office on April 2017.

From Us To You

“The whole idea of gifting is for us to show our appreciation to those who love and support us.

Such a simple gesture yet it can reveal how much a person cares. This is why we work to ensure that we do the best that we can to deliver to you the best that we can offer.

Because to us, you are irreplaceable.”

Managing Director,
Darren T.

Timely Support

Nine2Five Pte Ltd strives to give adequate support to all our customers. We do our best to attend to all our customers as soon as possible.

Innovative Ideas

Product customisation is the forte of Nine2Five Pte Ltd. You think it, we make it. At Nine2Five Pte Ltd, we do our best to design products that best suit your needs.

Product Knowledge

Dedicated to good quality, our team works hard to ensure that they possess strong product knowledge so as to provide sound and plausible advice.


Our Sales Team are dedicated to ensure constant communication throughout the whole production as well as provide any after sales assistance that you may require.

Behind The Scene


Dedicated Workforce


At Nine2Five, we work to ensure we provide fair employment for all of our employees. By providing adequate coverage, we are able to ensure that all our employees are dedicated to the craft. They work to ensure that all products delivered are of quality. 



Competent Production Capabilities


Nine2Five has worked with various clients who have various production requirement. With our current knowledege capacity, we are able to design and fit the requirements of the customer to ensure the product is what our clients require.


Product Customisation


 There are various customisation options available here at Nine2Five. We offer basic logo printing services to full on product customisations. These various printing methods include the basic screen printing, pad print, to the classic laser engraving and die cast.


Servicing Clients