The CHALK design is an exclusive and registered property of PREMEC.

Essential and iconic, the fully customizable Chalk pen has harmonic proportions and refined details. Shape is simple and sophisticated for universal appeal. Chalk promotional pens are authentically made at the PREMEC Group’s Headquarters, at our Cadempino plant in Switzerland. Efficient production process takes place using the most advanced injection and assembly technologies reducing waste and energy consumption. The optimised plastic content makes the Chalk pen light and comfortable to use. Chalk has been nominated for the German Design Award 2015 and achieved the Good Design Award 2013.

PAD PRINTING. Provides fine high resolution imprint, ideal for multi coloured logos.

SILK PRINTING. Allows larger printing surfaces and very accurate printing results.

DIGITAL PRINTING. Offers vast possibilities thanks to its unique features such as reproduction of photos, multi coloured logos and complex colour gradients.